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Braces—Custom & Non Custom Made

 We can help satisfy your needs with our extensive selection of products and services. Stop in and meet with one of our professionals today!


CTi Ligament Knee Brace is demanded by top athletes and leading physicians around the world.


The Unloader One® is the lightest and most comfortable of the Össur OA knee braces.  The Unloader One is easy to apply, easy to use and easy to wear.


Expander Traction LSO: The patented Expander Traction LSO™ features a unique air pocket expansion system that provides effective lower back treatment by reducing pressure within the vertebrae. 


The off-the-shelf Hawk ligament knee brace combines the benefits of rigid bracing protection with a new level of comfort.

AC Strap

An over the shoulder soft neoprene support to treat overuse and tendonitis injuries.

AnaPrene Wrist Support:

Low profile design allows full finger movement.

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