Cold Rush Cold Therapy (Cryo Units) 27 Mar

Are you scheduled for knee surgery? Don't forget to book your cryo unit! This cold therapy system has been proven to reduce pain and swelling after surgery resulting in less pain medication.

Cold therapy reduces blood flow to the affected area resulting in reduced inflammation and pain. The Cold Rush provides many advantages to ice packs that leak and warm up quickly.

  • Longer lasting, consistent temperatures for the therapy session
  • Better coverage with Ossur's ergonomic pads that conform to your body
  • Designed with an insulated locking lid to prevent spills
  • Whisper-quiet letting you get the rest you need to properly rehabilitate

Start using your Cold Rush the day of surgery and continue for 3-4 weeks at home during your recovery based on your doctors protocol.

We rent these units for $25 per month and the corresponding knee and shoulder sleeves are just $75. There is also a purchase option of the unit for $250.00 used and $350.00 new. Call to reserve yours today and pick up the day before your surgery. You will be asked to bring this with you the day of surgery and have it on in recovery. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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