First Aid Kit Basics 06 Jan

Do you have questions about first aid kits? Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Why should I get a first aid kit?

There are many reasons that it is important to maintain a first aid kit. You never know when an injury will occur or how long help will take to arrive once it happens. For many injuries, quick response is key to recovery and a first aid kit will make it easy to provide quick, initial care while waiting for professionals. And there’s also the fact that first aid kits aren’t only for treating major injuries – if you’ve got kids, you’ve had to break out the bandaids at least once and having a fully-stocked first aid kit helps you make sure that you’ve got a bandaid on hand when you need it.

Where should I keep my first aid kit?

Experts recommend that everyone keep at least two stocked first aid kits available: one in your home  where it is easily accessible in an emergency but out of reach of young children, and one in your car, purse, or backpack for when you’re on the go. And if you’re an athlete, you should also keep one in your gym bag.

How often should I check my first aid kit?

You should aim to restock it after each time you use it, but at a minimum, go through the kit at least once per year to restock used supplies and ensure that everything is still in good shape and not expired.

Do all first aid kits have the same supplies?

All kits should have a similar base of supplies, but a home kit will have different amounts of those supplies than a work or school kit, and sports kits will vary depending on the sport. For example, a baseball player’s kit should be prepared to treat bruises and sprained ankles, while a track team’s kit should be stocked to treat blisters, abrasions, pulled muscles and sprains.

So what should be in a first aid kit?

As mentioned above, the different types of kits will vary somewhat, but all should have the same basics, as listed below. We can help you prepare a new kit, restock an existing kit, or answer any questions you’ve got about what you need. Check out our first aid supplies online or stop in today to chat with us.


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